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50 Years
Water Friendship
Bangladesh - The Netherlands

The Raising Water podcast series

When we read, listen, and watch the news stories about water in the Netherlands and Bangladesh it is mostly about the threats it brings in the form of floods. These floods have brought our two countries together. Since the independence of Bangladesh, The Netherlands and Bangladesh are cooperating with each other to deal with floods and many other water challenges, like: too little water, water for food, access to clean water, water in cities, water in rural areas, and reducing polluted water.

In this podcast series we raise the attention to the stories behind the story of two allies and friends working together on dealing with current and future water challenges. Therefore we invite Dutch and Bangladeshi water experts who are engaged in maintaining this water friendship for over 50 years. In this podcast series we listen to their stories behind the scene and together we explore and raise our water knowledge in what makes and drives our water friendship

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